Project Partners

Overview of involved project partners and role in the project

Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands

Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands is a global leader in
healthcare, lifestyle and lighting, delivering products, services and
solutions through the brand promise of "sense and simplicity".

Philips Research is the Project Coordinator of BattMan and is responsible for the overall project management and the consortium management of the entire project. Philips Research will contribute to all WPs, focusing on WP2 battery management, and participate primarily in the development of the outdoor off-grid solar-powered street lighting prototype design, development and validation.

Eindhoven University of Technology

The Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) was founded in 1956 and
consists of a compact campus downtown Eindhoven.

In the BattMan project TUE is responsible for: 
  • Cell level modelling, including ageing 
  • Battery pack modelling, including thermal behaviour and balancing methods
  • Modelling integrated power generating/storage systems for both applications: Solar off-grid lighting and Solar powered electric vehicle


Metatronics is a privately owned SME engineering company,
specializing in the design of embedded electronics,
including hardware and software design.

In the BattMan project Metratronics is responsible for: Designing, simulating and building of both hardware and embedded software for test beds and models for research and future applications of solar charged street lighting fixtures and electrical vehicles.


STIFTELSEN SINTEF is the largest multidisciplinary independent
research organization in Scandinavia.

In BattMan SINTEF is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Requirements and specifications of nanoelectronics modules
  • Specifications and requirements of electronics and communication systems. Modelling and simulations.
  • Integration, demonstration and validation
  • Evaluation of different subsystems developed in the project
  • Development of the outdoor off-grid solar-powered street lighting prototype design,
  • A solar panel equipped with MPPT and sun-track mechanism .
  • Verify the performance of MPPT unit in improving the output efficiency of solar panel.


ams is a leading designer and manufacturer of high 
performance analog ICs, combining almost 30 years of analog design
know-how with state-of-the-art manufacturing 
and test facilities
and production partnerships.

In the BattMan project ams will provide a new approach for Li-Ion battery management:
  • Active cell balancing: runs autonomous on trigger signal decided by battery controller. Balance ready indicated. High efficiency active balancing through small DCDC fly-back converters each serving up 14 cells. All charge shuttling switches integrated for low BOM and highest reliability. Adopting the pre defined automotive solution to PV lighting applications by increasing efficiency and eventually skipping some of the ASIL safety features. Improvement of cell voltage measurement accuracy to improve support of Li-FePO chemistry
  • Simultaneous and accurate battery voltage and battery current sense for SOC, SOH, SOF calculations at further improved accuracy. Highest accuracy Coulomb counter for SOC under load utilizing shunt and ADC error compensation to achieve close to 0,1% current sense accuracy. Improved ADC reference accuracy and calibration techniques to get close to 0,05% accuracy target for pack voltage measurement.
  • Adapt temperature monitors to application needs Ambient temperature sense for thermal battery model together with load history from current sensor
  • Optional scalable High voltage CMOS for cost down
  • Low RDS ON driver devices for active balancing efficiency improvement
  • Potentially embedded memory for post calibration purpose to achieve accuracy targets

Dan-Tech Energy

Dan-Tech Energy specializes in the development of portable, rechargeable battery power systems, which are designed and manufactured for superior run times, reliability, durability, safety and ease of use.

With a proven track of technical excellence, Dan-Tech has become an outstanding manufacturer in the battery field and achieved great successes in the field of programmable Battery Management Systems (BMS) designed to enhance the reliability and runtime of smart battery packs by providing accurate battery monitoring.