Technology Concept

The overall concept of the BattMan project is to develop the underlying technology for generic, efficient battery-powered and –managed applications which are charged by renewable energy (solar). This concept is used to define the main BattMan goal, which is to Design and develop Lithium-battery-pack systems which manage photovoltaic power feed efficiently and deliver optimized, reliable, low-cost and predictable performance.

The application used to focus the project will be an outdoor, solar-powered Off-grid Street Lighting (OSL) pole. It will be simulated, specified, designed, prototyped, demonstrated and validated in the project. This project will attempt to define a generic battery and energy management system for combining battery packs with photovoltaic power sources and an output load. Clearly, the vision is to provide this overall solution as well as the electronic components of the solution for a wide variety of applications.

We anticipate that BattMan will impact research for products ranging from electric vehicles, solarpowered X-ray systems for emerging markets, to marine buoys, or even automated electric crop harvester vehicles. The objectives of the project are therefore to identify and characterize suitable batteries, develop electronics for battery management including maximization of PV-collected power, algorithms for optimized energy management in the systems, and methods for cost reduction including integration.

There is a large body of knowledge in battery modelling, simulation and characterization, battery management and required electronics for these systems. The consortium partners in the project bring world-class, state-of-the-art experience in these topics with the goal of increasing efficiency of these battery systems and optimizing their efficiency.